Why You Should Be Using Goat Milk

There’s an increasing awareness of cow milk and how bad it is for us.

This awareness has increased the popularity of nut milk such almond milk, cashew milk, etc

Nut milk is great BUT sometimes, you just want something different.

Good news is there’s another alternative that not enough people talk about and that is Goat Milk.

Goat milk is not as popular as cow milk but has much more nutritional benefits.

These are some of the benefits of Goat Milk

  1. It builds strong bones: it gives you a comparable amount of calcium (as much as cow milk gives without many side effects)
  2. It’s Anti-inflammatory: You can take goat milk without fear of inflammation or upset stomach that seems to come along with cow milk.
  3. Its composition is much closer to human milk than cow milk.
  4. It protects the heart
  5. It boosts immunity: It contains a rare mineral that protects our bodies from illness and infections.
  6. It’s a rich source of protein and thus, helps with growth and development. Another reason why it’s so great for kids.
  7. It’s much more nutrient-dense than cow milk. That means, you can take the same amount of goat milk but get much more nutrients than you could out of cow milk.

Goat milk is also great for the skin, especially for those with dry or sensitive skin. This is because it’s loaded with Vitamin A which is great for the skin.


Goat milk gives you another alternative to cow milk, just like the nut milk.

Have you tried goat milk?