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Recipe: Energy-Boosting Breakfast Smoothie

Here’s a TNWC Recipe for an Energy Smoothie that tastes sooooo good and is VERY easy to make.⁣

– Banana ⁣
– 1/3 cup of rolled oats soaked in water⁣
– 1 full spoon of groundnut paste/peanut butter⁣
– 1 sachet of coconut milk⁣
– 2 spoons of honey⁣
– Blueberries ⁣
– Cold water⁣
And of course, your blender. We used 2 in this case because we wanted the smoothie to be extra smooth.⁣

– Cut each banana into 3 pieces and put it in the blender first⁣
– Add all the other ingredients to the banana already in the blender ⁣
– Blend ⁣

AND ? your smoothie is ready.⁣

It’s that simple.⁣

You absolutely have to give this recipe a try. Trust me when I say you will not regret it, because it tastes way too good.⁣

So 2 things;⁣
1. Let us know in the comments if you’re gonna give this a try. ⁣
2. AND send us a DM when you actually do.⁣


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