Weight Loss Tips For Women

weight loss

Have you ever wondered why you struggle to lose weight?

Or why you gain back the weight you manage to lose?

Are you desperate to get the lifestyle you have always wanted which is to look good, feel good, be slim and fit?

In this article, you will discover some important factors that might be hindering you from that awesome body you’ve always desired. 

I will also explain why you constantly have that frown on your face when you stand on the scale and realize that you are heavier than you were yesterday. 

More importantly, you will also learn how to win the fight over that constant feeling of being FAT.

Don’t worry. I used to feel that way too so you are not alone.

Most women have 3 things in mind when it comes to looking and feeling good and being very confident.

 They are:

1. Wearing fitted clothes or a size smaller because they want to be attractive (look good) and it makes them feel good.

2. Be agile and flexible – move around a lot without having to think about slowness of breath or any health issues

3. Eating healthier meals because those carbs have a way of increasing your waistline and ultimately, have a negative impact on your health.

Here’s a secret: Maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t as hard and boring as most people think.

Your diet has a major impact on the kind of lifestyle you have.

Research shows that 80% of chronic diseases are attributed to unhealthy lifestyle habits including your diet.

So, you definitely want to ramp up some healthy eating habits to have that great lifestyle you desire.

Now, many people make a common mistake of assuming that they can’t do anything about some hereditary conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, etc and that has put a limit on how long they get to live.

It’s not always true. Your “genes” don’t decide your destiny.

You can reshuffle the deck with your healthy habits which in turn, helps to improve the quality of your life.

However embarking on this journey takes a great deal of commitment and that is one major reason why we at TNWC advocate switching to a healthier diet and getting an accountability partner who will support you until you reach your goal.

Trust me. No one wants an excess amount of body fat above the norm of their age, build and height. 

So how do we lose weight? How do we maintain it? How do we get that awesome body we’d love looking at in the mirror?

First, I will tell you the major causes of being overweight and then I’ll tell you how to get it off and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

So, let’s dig in.

The 3 main factors that give you those uncomfortable extra kilos are: 

a. Poor Nutrition

This is a major weakness many people have when it comes to maintaining or having a healthy weight and lifestyle.

It’s not just about eating the wrong things but also about eating at the wrong times.

I had a friend who ate just ONE meal each day and wondered why he kept gaining weight. What he failed to realize was that eating only once didn’t guarantee him weight loss especially if he was eating the wrong things and at the wrong times.

It turns out he decided to eat his one meal of the day just before he went to bed at midnight. Worse, what ate all the wrong things and paid no attention to controlling his portions.

This is something you need to run away from.

It’s always a gradual process for good habits to be cultivated so here are some ideas to get you started: 


  • Eat the right things at the right time.
  • Eat with moderation.
  • Focus on eating clean (organic, low fat and raw).


b. Lack of Exercise

Did you know that an increase in your level of physical activity helps to reduce your weight? 

Well, it does. 

Doing exercises has a lot of benefits, but one benefit I immediately and constantly enjoy is how happy I feel after I’m done with my exercise routine for the day and have a natural juice or smoothie in my hand. 

Your Entire Body Benefits from Exercise;

Your Muscles – Exercise gives you a healthy bone mass and keeps you strong and agile as you age. 

Your Heart – During exercise, your heart rate increases to supply more oxygenated blood to your muscles. This encourages you to workout longer and harder to drop those extra pounds. 

Your Brain – Studies show that exercising regularly also aids the promotion of the growth of new brain cells which improves your memory.

Your Joints and Bones – Exercise helps to fight or avoid osteoporosis and helps to improve the quality of the bones in your body.

A while back, I hated doing exercises because I really disliked being sweaty and uncomfortable. Then I took a BMI test and realized I was close to obese. This was a major scare and an eye-opener for me.

This required a change.

I began to get up every morning, drink a cup of water with a spoon of apple cider vinegar,  do a 20-minute run, and 3 sets of routine workouts. I did this consistently for 21 days.

Over a period of 5 weeks and a healthier diet menu, I lost 6kg. I was ecstatic. 

Exercise helps you to avoid “excess fat” plus various diseases that are associated with being FAT. 

More-so, it’s a major anti-depressant, that curbs anxiety and makes you look and feel good.

Did I also mention that exercising regularly helps to increase your metabolism? It does.


  • Do a 20-minute walk every day.
  • Join a Gym. It’s always very helpful and supportive when you have exercise partners. 
  • Get a workout routine. This could be a workout video of experts that have had major weight loss or life changing experiences. 


c. Emotional Disturbance

This could be a result of the stress, unhappiness, relationships, depression, anxiety or fear and lack of self-esteem. 

Many people experience stress and any of the above problems due to their lifestyle and the multiple roles they play.

Emotional eating usually leads you to comfort foods like pastries, sweets, cakes, chocolates etc. These are generally “unhealthy”, high in fat and sugar, and can be extremely bad for you, especially eaten in large amounts.

The best way to combat this weakness is to have healthy snacks handy. I mean snacks like fruits and nuts. These go a long way when the desire to have some comfort food comes along.

You should remember, however, that eating too much of the good stuff isn’t always good.


  • Always have something healthy to munch on. Foods that are high in fiber are a good go-to for you. Some great examples are Carrots, Cucumber, Almonds, Apples, etc.
  • Accept yourself for who you are and then, go ahead and make the changes you need to make so that you can have a healthier lifestyle and get more comfortable and happy with yourself. 
  • Are there any stressful events or moments in your everyday activities that bring food cravings and overeating? Identify it.

Rather than focusing on losing pounds or kilos, focus on improving your eating habits and building fitness, balancing your hormones and emotions.

It takes 21 days to cultivate a habit and another 21 days to be certain about the results so never stop thinking you have achieved your goal, till your diet and exercise habits have obviously changed. 

Finally, make peace with the shape that you are and get the best you you’ve dreamed of.


It is a general assumption that women are great with starting diet plans to combat weight issues. However, they have a tendency to abandon plans when they miss a single item or day on the plan. This, unfortunately, leaves them feeling discouraged and could result in depression, low self-esteem, etc.

Men on the other hand, easily get back on track even when they miss items or meals on a diet plan. 

Missing an item or a day on your plan, or weight loss regimen should not discourage you from achieving your goal. 

Do This First

Check your BMI (Body Mass Index) to check your body fat level so you know where you stand right now, in terms of your weight.

This is a simple measurement you can do yourself. All you need to do is

You can also use this simple BMI Calculator (link to a BMI calculator)

If your score is below 18.5, you are in the underweight category. Your aim here is to eat better, improve your health, and gain some weight.

If your score is between 18.5 – 24.9, you are in the safe and healthy territory. But hey, don’t seat comfortably and go to town with what you eat. What you should always have top of mind is “How do I constantly maintain a healthy lifestyle?”

If your score is above 25, you are overweight. Your aim here is to eat better and lose some kilos till you are in the safe and healthy territory.

If your score is above 30, you are obese and in the danger zone. Your aim is to get your weight down and get on a strict “re-orientation” diet. 

Additional Tips

Before we end this, I’ve got some advice for you.

1. Get a good coach or counselor or supportive partner who is trying to achieve a similar goal.

2. Be sure to sleep well at night.

3. Get toxins out of your system.

4. Drink more water than you already take

5. Be consistent with owning a healthy diet

6. Above all, please eat in moderation

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Leading a healthy lifestyle is not only about how you look, it’s also about how you feel.

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